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Monster Magnet
Last Patrol

Monster Magnet - Last Patrol

Considered one of the most creative, diverse, and hard-rocking of contemporary American bands, Monster Magnet is credited with helping pioneer the 'stoner rock' genre. Fusing garage, progressive, metal, punk and psychedelia - Last Patrol is Monster Magnet's tenth studio album and a testament to everything they stand for. In addition to musical influences, the band has always been inspired by comic book, science fiction, horror movies, and B-movies by filmmakers such as Roger Gorman and Russ Meyer.

On tour in the U.S./Canada starting Nov. 14th. Available on CD, Limited Edition Digipak CD with 2 Bonus Tracks, 2LP & Download.

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"The Duke (Of Supernature)"


  1. 1. I Live Behind The Clouds
  2. 2. Last Patrol
  3. 3. Three Kingfishers
  4. 4. Paradise
  5. 5. Hallelujah
  6. 6. Mindless Ones
  7. 7. The Duke (Of Supernature)
  8. 8. End Of Time
  9. 9. Stay Tuned

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 03
    Pratteln, Switzerland Monster Magnet with Table Scraps at Z7 Konzertfabrik
  • Jun 22
    Natz-Schabs, Italy Alpen Flair 2022
  • Jun 23
    Clisson, France Hellfest Extended 2022
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