New Releases For April 12, 2011

Pacific Coast Highway

Monsta - Pacific Coast Highway

To watch Monsta's latest video, 'Wesperado's ft. Yukmouth and Ganxsta Ridd,' is to be transported back to the west coast's rap hay days of the 90's - and it's a fun trip. Truth be told, Monsta has been rhyming with Yuk and fellow Regime members since the early 2000's but that is not his only hip-hop legacy; he is also nephew to the infamous Boo Yaa Tribe. If you are thinking why all the re-hashing?, well, Monsta's debut solo album, Pacific Coast Highway features brand new material with Jacka, Huslah, Masspike Miles, Hell Rell and of course, Yukmouth and Boo Yaa Tribe. Gangsta, right? Well, Monsta does have a softer side too, believe it or not. Just watch and listen to this ode to his mother, 'This Is Love ft. J Boog,' a single that was recently certified gold.

Pacific Coast Highway is anything but a rehash. It is the culmination of the past ten years on Monsta's musical journey beginning as a Mexican/Samoan child growing up in the church, to growing up as a teenager in the violent streets of Carson City and Long Beach, CA.

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"This Is Love (Featuring J Boog)"


  1. 1. Brand New (Featuring The Jacka)
  2. 2. Wesperados (Featuring Yukmouth & Ganxsta Ridd)
  3. 3. Mother Nature (Roll Up) (Featuring Sweet & Irie)
  4. 4. This Is Love (Featuring J Boog)
  5. 5. Summertime (Featuring Mr. Capone-E)
  6. 6. Long Beach Raised Me
  7. 7. Don't Say Shhh (Featuring Ganxsta Ridd & Hell Rell)
  8. 8. Own Thang (Get Mainy!)
  9. 9. Freedom of Speech (Featuring MC Arme)
  10. 10. Like You (Featuring Aaradhna)
  11. 11. Everyday Struggle
  12. 12. We Made It (Featuring Savage, Scribe & Pieter)
  13. 13. That Twerk (Featuring Raze)
  14. 14. No Hero (Featuring Solstate)