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Momoiro Clover Z
5th Dimension

Momoiro Clover Z - 5th Dimension

The exciting US release of the newest album by mega-popular Japanese idol group Momoiro Clover Z.

Also known as Momoclo, they are huge superstars in their home country and are set to crossover to American audiences having just released a brand new single with metal legends KISS.

American audiences will recognize one of the guest artists appearing on this album, guitar maestro Marty Friedman of Megadeth adds his skillful playing to track 3.

TAGS: J-Pop | Pop

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"Mouretsu Space Symphony In Seven Movements “Infinite Love”"


  1. 1. Neo Stargate
  2. 2. Kasou-Dystopia
  3. 3. Mouretsu Space Symphony In Seven Movements “Infinite Love”
  4. 4. 5th Power
  5. 5. Roudou-Sanka
  6. 6. Get Down!
  7. 7. Otome-Sensou
  8. 8. Moon & The Gingami-Airship
  9. 9. Birth Φ Birth
  10. 10. Jyokyu Story - Carpe Diem
  11. 11. Flying Ozashiki-Train
  12. 12. Goodbye, Dear Sorrows
  13. 13. Ash & Diamond

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