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Mitch Fatel
Public Display Of Perversion

Mitch Fatel - Public Display Of Perversion

Mitch Fatel's new comedy album, Public Display Of Perversion, is his first new stand-up comedy album since 2006's hit Super Retardo. In Public Display Of Perversion, Mitch takes on sensitive and important social issues of our time, such as the state of the economy and...oh, who we fooling? It's Mitch Fatel...sluts, panties, high heels, vaginas, gays, and breasts. What else did you expect?

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"I LOVE Babies"


  1. 1. I LOVE Breasts
  2. 2. I LOVE Being Talented
  3. 3. I LOVE Oral Sex
  4. 4. I LOVE Fairies
  5. 5. I LOVE Gays
  6. 6. I LOVE Vaginas
  7. 7. I LOVE Babies
  8. 8. I LOVE Sluts
  9. 9. I HATE...
  10. 10. I LOVE Dogs And Cats
  11. 11. I LOVE Panties, Bras And High Heels
  12. 12. I LOVE You.