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Missy Raines & The New Hip
New Frontier

Missy Raines & The New Hip - New Frontier

On her latest release, seven-time IBMA Bass Player Of The Year Missy Raines explores a new path for her musical vision. For anyone familiar with Raines' years of work in the bluegrass arena, New Frontier is the natural extension of her musical curiosity and adventurous spirit. It is a vocal album featuring Raines' dusky, emotive alto layered among the cool grooves and expansive, reverb-soaked soundscapes.

The album's ten tracks draw from songs written by Pierce Pettis, Sarah Siskind, Ed Snodderly, and Raines herself, and borrow from Americana, newgrass, indie rock and acoustic jazz. Special guests include Sam Bush, Zach Bevill and member Robert Crawford.

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"I Learn"


  1. 1. I Learn
  2. 2. Blackest Crow
  3. 3. New Frontier
  4. 4. Nightingale
  5. 5. Long Way Back Home
  6. 6. Where You Found Me
  7. 7. Kite
  8. 8. When The Day Is Gone
  9. 9. What's The Calling For
  10. 10. American Crow