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Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf
Bad Get Some

Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf - Bad Get Some

A rolling juggernaut of hard edged funk and rock, punctuated by a tight horn section, this disc highlights the full-throated voice and cocky attitude of lead singer, Miss Velvet. Coming straight out of a Janis Joplin/Chi Coltrane bag, Miss Velvet And The Blue Wolf have been blowing away audiences in the Northeast US for the past few years. Recorded at Detroit’s legendary United Sound studios, Bad Get Some at once gives a nod to hard-driving blues and rock bands of the past while forging a red-hot sound all its own. This is gut bucket, funky rock and roll - total body music.

TAGS: Funk | R&B | Rock

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"Love Train"


  1. 1. Bad Get Some
  2. 2. Run
  3. 3. Like You Do
  4. 4. Love Train
  5. 5. Dare
  6. 6. Rain
  7. 7. Edge Of The Line
  8. 8. Velvet Door
  9. 9. Drowning
  10. 10. Summertime

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