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Mindy Smith
Mindy Smith

Mindy Smith - Mindy Smith

The world got its first introduction to Mindy Smith nearly a decade ago, when she won over Dolly Parton lovers with an elegantly pleading cover of 'Jolene,' then promptly added to their number fans of wide-ranging Americana, connoisseurs of confessional songcraft, appreciators of mature pop melodicism and seekers of spiritual heft with her debut One Moment More and the three albums that followed.

As adept as Mindy has shown herself to be at sifting through the hidden contents of her heart for the big questions and small breakthroughs, people will be struck by the deeply expressive artist they encounter on Mindy Smith, her fittingly self-titled and first truly independent album.

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  1. 1. Closer
  2. 2. Take Me Back
  3. 3. Pretending The Stars
  4. 4. Don't Mind Me
  5. 5. Tin Can
  6. 6. Everything Here Will Be Fine
  7. 7. Sober
  8. 8. Devils Inside
  9. 9. Cure For Love
  10. 10. When You're Walking On My Grave
  11. 11. If I

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Sep 02
    Decatur, GA, US Mindy Smith at Eddie's Attic
  • Aug 24
    University City, MO, US Mindy Smith at Blueberry Hill Duck Room
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