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With Bare Hands

Mindflow - With Bare Hands

Mindflow is a Brazilian melodic metal band fusing current active rock with metal showcasing their individual musicianship and mastery of their instruments with a seasoning of progressive tendencies throughout their extremely well produced, hooky compositions. Simplified translation... 'Great music with a melodic yet heavy edge that cannot be easily described.'

Mindflow can be a blistering hardcore band whose music comes at you like a force, yet hits you like a soft ray of sunshine caressing your face. For the past 6 years, the band has systematically set their career path through endless touring throughout their home territories in South America, releasing three self-produced powerful albums. Utilizing the grass roots street team mentality to promote themselves and their music, they're now finally capturing the attention of the international music industry.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Break Me Out"


  1. 1. Break Me Out
  2. 2. Reset The Future
  3. 3. Breakthrough
  4. 4. Walking Tall
  5. 5. With Bare Hands
  6. 6. Corrupted
  7. 7. Under An Alias
  8. 8. Shuffle Up And Deal
  9. 9. Lethal
  10. 10. Thrust Into This Game
  11. 11. The Ride
  12. 12. Destructive Devise
  13. 13. Instinct
  14. 14. Fragile State Of Peace