New Releases For November 13, 2012

Millpond Moon
Broke In Brooklyn

Millpond Moon - Broke In Brooklyn

Top notch album from Bergen music veterans. Millpond Moon have been touring extensively both in Europe and in the US. During this period they've created their own sound and style, and a new album is finally out.

The music is recorded by Millpond Moon in their studio in Norway, and by Bill Wolf in Arlington, VA. Gentle swinging, varying in tempo and intensity, sophisticated and relaxed, but always heartfelt and with an insistent soul. Here are two musicians who love what they do, and who wants to reach the listener with their songs - they do exactly that.

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"A Second Act In Me"


  1. 1. Barbed Wire
  2. 2. You Were There For Me
  3. 3. A Second Act In Me
  4. 4. Lost In The Rain
  5. 5. Life Is A Riddle
  6. 6. Broke In Brooklyn
  7. 7. High Mountain
  8. 8. Let It Grow
  9. 9. Haywire
  10. 10. The Barflies
  11. 11. Tikopia
  12. 12. Blowin' In The Wind