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Micki Free
The Native American Flute As Therapy

Micki Free - The Native American Flute As Therapy

In his intimate new album, Micki Free offers a healing experience unlike any other, merging his blues-rock sensibility and musical spirituality in a wholly unique way. Listeners are invited to relax as Free’s sultry voice and Native American flute performances lead them on a meditative path through various stages of healing and release. Chakras, well-being, and sound healing are reflected in the song titles, delivered soulfully by the mixed-blood Comanche/Cherokee artist performing flute and percussion. Includes a yoga-perfect bonus track “Heartbeat Meditation Yoga Mix” and a poignant “Lavender Kiss” tribute to his friend, Prince.

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"Lavender Kiss"


  1. 1. White Candle Light
  2. 2. The Healing Bath
  3. 3. Lavender Kiss
  4. 4. The Native American Flute As Therapy
  5. 5. Positive Energy
  6. 6. Feet & Toes
  7. 7. Essential Oils
  8. 8. Jasmine Rain
  9. 9. Sacred Sage
  10. 10. Heart Release (Peregrine Lane)
  11. 11. Down By The River
  12. 12. Heartbeat Meditation Yoga (Bonus Track)