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Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson - Popular

Actress Michelle Johnson is proud to debut her singing and songwriting talents to the world with Poppular. The heartfelt and honest dance-pop album marks a first for the actress who has starred in films including Blame It On Rio, Death Becomes Her and Far And Away.

Popular has dance, R&B and electronic sounds with Michelle's personal lyrics - a dichotomy of upbeat songs that reflect on her life, love and relationships. She cites a wide array of influences in music including Civil Wars, Regina Spektor, David Guetta and Elie Goulding. But it's Michelle's brutal honesty that comes through in her lyrics in songs. 'Popular - can't stop singing it, great song!' - PopGeek Magazine

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  1. 1. Popular
  2. 2. Party In The Ashes
  3. 3. Locked And Loaded
  4. 4. SoHo Busy
  5. 5. Giddy Up Girl
  6. 6. Promises Of Love
  7. 7. I Like 'Em (BDC)
  8. 8. Crazy Like That
  9. 9. It's Not You