New Releases For June 4, 2021

Michael Mayo

Michael Mayo - Bones

Michael Mayo's Bones takes its musical cue not from skeletal remains as much as the foundation of a house, providing a firm base for Mayo’s flights to higher ground. Each of the songs represents a learning experience for Mayo, the building blocks - the titular “bones” that made him the person he is today. Michael Mayo turns the ideas in his head into a full-fledged sonic universe that reflects an upbringing surrounded by music.

TAGS: Neo Soul | R&B | Soul

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"The Way"


  1. 1. The Way
  2. 2. You And You
  3. 3. Another Love
  4. 4. Stolen Moments
  5. 5. About Your Love
  6. 6. Silver And Gold
  7. 7. Robot Man
  8. 8. 20/20
  9. 9. Bones
  10. 10. What’s My Name
  11. 11. Hold On (Featuring Scott Mayo And Valerie Pinkston)