New Releases For May 27, 2014

Michael Bradford
The Long Night

Michael Bradford - The Long Night

The Long Night is Michael Bradford's musical exploration of all things nocturnal. Harkening back to his Detroit upbringing, and a mother who always said 'nothing good ever happens after midnight,' Michael has created a series of songs that deal with various subjects, from being lost to one's self ('The Real California'), to the grim facing of mortality ('Everybody Does It'), to the idea that our angels are at work in our lives, but choose to remain unseen ('It's Happening'). The album closes with the line 'Got To Hold On, It's Darkest Till The Dawn'. In this line, Michael reveals his own philosophy about The Long Night of our souls.

TAGS: Pop | R&B

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"The Real California (Featuring Samantha Stollenwerck)"


  1. 1. The Real California (Featuring Samantha Stollenwerck)
  2. 2. Look Up
  3. 3. No One But Myself To Blame (Featuring Liz Primo)
  4. 4. The Long Night
  5. 5. It's Happening (Featuring Jem)
  6. 6. Nightfall
  7. 7. Where Are All My Friends
  8. 8. Until We Meet Again In Paradise
  9. 9. Together Forever (Featuring Ko)
  10. 10. Deliver Me
  11. 11. The Dish Washer
  12. 12. Everybody Does It (Featuring Big B)
  13. 13. Got To Hold On