New Releases For March 4, 2016

Micah Scott
Dark Horse

Micah Scott - Dark Horse

On his debut album Dark Horse, Micah Scott emerges as a new voice with a seasoned sound planted deep in the grit and romance of American roots music. With a range embracing country blues, folk rock, heartland rock, and ballads, Micah arrives with both instrumental and writing chops. Grammy-winning producer Glenn Barratt is at the helm, and an A-team band comprised of the Philadelphia “Wrecking Crew” makes Dark Horse an exquisite-sounding album of powerful original and cover material launching Micah Scott as an artist with sure footing in the soil of the Americana genre.

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"Step Outta Line"


  1. 1. Corrina
  2. 2. North Country Blues
  3. 3. Pop’s Yard
  4. 4. Special Rider Blues
  5. 5. Step Outta Line
  6. 6. Little Acorns
  7. 7. Something Was Said
  8. 8. Quarries Of Pawlet