New Releases For January 22, 2013

They Shall Inherit

Menagerie - They Shall Inherit

Menagerie is the spiritual jazz project from the prolific producer, songwriter and guitarist Lance Ferguson, best known for his eclectic and highly acclaimed work under the Lanu and the Bamboos monikers, and here venturing out to explore new musical terrain.

The first album, They Shall Inherit is out on CD, vinyl and digital; featuring a guest appearance from the legendary US jazz/funk vibraphonist Roy Ayers, the album has gained early support from the authority on all things leftfield, Gilles Peterson (Worldwide/BBC 6Music).

TAGS: Funk | Jazz

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"LeRoy And The Lion"


  1. 1. They Shall Inherit
  2. 2. The Chosen
  3. 3. Jamahlia
  4. 4. LeRoy And The Lion
  5. 5. The Quietening
  6. 6. There Will Come Soft Rains