New Releases For May 31, 2011

Sugar Daddy Live

Melvins - Sugar Daddy Live

Coming off a tour marred by two devastating earthquakes - first in New Zealand, then in Japan - Los Angeles' the Melvins are hoping that Mother Nature will steer clear of them for a while. 'I've got to be in some kind of weird club,' said Osborne, who was also around for the magnitude 6.7 Northridge quake in 1994. 'I hope my ticket has been punched on the natural disaster front.'

The Melvins' latest offering, Sugar Daddy Live, is a thirteen track live recording. Recorded at The Busta-Guts Club in Downey, Calif. the album features fan favorites such as 'Boris,' 'A History of Bad Men' and 'The Kicking Machine.'

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"Civilized Worm"


  1. 1. Nude With Boots
  2. 2. Dog Island
  3. 3. Dies Ireea
  4. 4. Civilized Worm
  5. 5. The Kicking Machine
  6. 6. Eye Flys
  7. 7. Tipping The Lion
  8. 8. Rat Faced Granny
  9. 9. The Hawk
  10. 10. You've Never Been Right
  11. 11. A History Of Bad Men
  12. 12. Star Spangled Banner
  13. 13. Boris

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