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Piece Of Work

Mekon - Piece Of Work

Mekon has been Alexander McQueen's house composer for years and has worked with some of the most influential cultural innovators of the last 25 years including Genesis P.Orridge, Goldie, Schoolly D, William Orbit, Afrika Bambaataa, Bobby Gillespie, and Marc Almond.

Shimmering amongst Piece Of Work's dark and menacing electronics are such esteemed music legends as Schoolly D, Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV's Peter Christopherson, Marco Pirroni from Adam & the Ants, PIG and more, with the album's 12 tracks ranging from electro rap, industrial techno and Balearic to ambient and neo-classical.

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"Saturday Night (Featuring Schoolly D)"


  1. 1. When I Was Walt Whitman (Featuring Leslie Winer & Anni Hogan)
  2. 2. Atlantis Part 3 Intro
  3. 3. No Business I Know
  4. 4. Sleazy Says (Featuring Peter Christopherson)
  5. 5. Saturday Night (Featuring Schoolly D)
  6. 6. Wasted Mind (Featuring Cleo Torrez)
  7. 7. Disco Bloodbath
  8. 8. Bin Therre (Featuring PIG)
  9. 9. Hardcore (Featuring Schoolly D & Marco Pironi)
  10. 10. Kicks (Featuring Cleo Torrez)
  11. 11. Be Like Me Intro
  12. 12. Ravagable (Featuring Rita Brown)