New Releases For May 15, 2012

The Bright Side

Meiko - The Bright Side

Produced by Jimmy Messer, Greg Collins and Belgian electro-pop wiz Styrofoam, up-and-coming singer/songwriter Meiko returns with her Fantasy Records debut, featuring 11 beautifully crafted songs blending sumptuous folk-pop with thumping electronic beats.

With the video for the buzz track 'Stuck On You' recently debuting on Perez Hilton's influential site, people are already talking about this exciting release from the rapidly rising star.

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"Leave The Lights On"


  1. 1. Stuck On You
  2. 2. I'm In Love
  3. 3. When The Doors Close
  4. 4. Thinking Too Much
  5. 5. Leave The Lights On
  6. 6. Lie To Me
  7. 7. I'm Not Sorry
  8. 8. Let It Go
  9. 9. Real Real Sweet
  10. 10. Good Looking Loser
  11. 11. I Wonder

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