New Releases For October 14, 2014

Dear You

Meiko - Dear You

Dear You follows Meiko's acclaimed 2012 release The Bright Side, which climbed to #1 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter chart as the buoyant hit single 'Stuck On You' garnered the attention of influential tastemakers worldwide and found numerous placements in film and on television.

The eleven songs on Dear You consist primarily of her private, unsent letters. 'I like writing letters: love letters, pissed-off letters, breakup letters,' she explains. 'I rarely wind up mailing those letters, though. Instead, I turn them into songs. Dear You is an album mostly filled with those unsent notes.' Meiko turned her secret letters into a revealing, eclectic collection of songs.


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"Be Mine"


  1. 1. Bad Things
  2. 2. Lose It
  3. 3. Be Mine
  4. 4. The Cloud Song
  5. 5. Wake Up
  6. 6. Sweeter
  7. 7. Deep Sweat
  8. 8. If He Doesn't Love You
  9. 9. Sittin' Here
  10. 10. Dear You
  11. 11. Go To Hell

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