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Max Richter
From Sleep

Max Richter - From Sleep

Hailed as one of the most influential composers of his generation, electro-acoustic polymath Max Richter defies definition: composer, pianist, producer, re-mixer, collaborator, and beyond argument, one of the most prolific of contemporary musical artists. Sleep is Max’s first new album since he “recomposed” Vivaldi’s Four Seasons for a best-selling album in 2012.

From Sleep is the one-hour version from the full eight-hour version.

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"Dream 3 (In The Midst Of My Life)"


  1. 1. Dream 3 (In The Midst Of My Life)
  2. 2. Path 5 (Delta)
  3. 3. Space 11 (Invisible Pages Over)
  4. 4. Dream 13 (Minus Even)
  5. 5. Space 21 (Petrichor)
  6. 6. Path 19 (Yet Frailest)
  7. 7. Dream 8 (Late And Soon)

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