New Releases For October 9, 2012

Matthew Perryman Jones
Land Of The Living

Matthew Perryman Jones - Land Of The Living

'An articulate songwriter with a versatile and gritty tenor voice - a combination that has drawn comparisons to everyone from Jeff Buckley to Leonard Cohen - Matthew Perryman Jones has the touch of a poet and the narrative reach of a short story writer, making the best of his songs deeply resonant.' - Steve Leggett (Rovi)

Having just finished his first full length album since 2008, Land of the Living was produced by Cason Cooley (Katie Herzig). This record was fan funded through Kickstarter and raised over $26K in 1 month, 30% over his asking goal.

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"Stones From The Riverbed"


  1. 1. Stones From The Riverbed
  2. 2. Poisoning The Well
  3. 3. I Won't Let You Down Again
  4. 4. O Theo
  5. 5. Sleeping With A Stranger
  6. 6. Waking Up The Dead
  7. 7. Keep It On The Inside
  8. 8. Canción De La Noche
  9. 9. The Angels Were Singing
  10. 10. Land Of The Living