New Releases For September 24, 2013

Matthew Good
Arrows Of Desire

Matthew Good - Arrows Of Desire

Arrows Of Desire, from its anthemic beginning, volleys a wave of rhythm-charged songs. Produced by Good and mixed by Randy Staub, each track is poised to be an instant favorite, following up his 2011 release of Lights Of Endangered Species, all while getting us in a dancing mood.

Catchy bass lines with experimental and eerie guitar expressions, beautiful choruses, and variant lyrical styles, Matthew Good never ceases to challenge his fans while delivering his cut of music they've come to love and respect.

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"Had It Coming"


  1. 1. Arrows Of Desire
  2. 2. Via Dolorosa
  3. 3. Had It Coming
  4. 4. We're Long Gone
  5. 5. So Close
  6. 6. Garden Of Knives
  7. 7. Mutineering
  8. 8. Hey Hell Heaven
  9. 9. Guns Of Carolina
  10. 10. Letters In Wartime

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