New Releases For March 15, 2011

Matt Wertz
Weights & Wings

Matt Wertz - Weights & Wings

The Missouri native's fourth album was named before any of its songs were written, and the concept of Weights & Wings not only acted as a compass for the project, but also helped guide Wertz personally, as well. 'I got the title from a daily meditation book that I read,' he explains. 'It's the idea that the heavy things in life and the transcendent times are both equally important in propelling us on and through life.'

All of the songs on Wertz's new album are tied to relationships, and each track delves into what the singer has learned about himself and others during that last few years. More than ever, the reflective songwriter has his heart on his sleeve, and Weights & Wings is the very incarnation of that lifeline.

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"Feels So Right"


  1. 1. Don't Come Easy
  2. 2. Everything Will Be Alright
  3. 3. Nobody's You
  4. 4. Running Back To You
  5. 5. Family
  6. 6. For The First Time
  7. 7. Someone Like You
  8. 8. Feels So Right
  9. 9. Easier Tonight
  10. 10. Gonna Be Good
  11. 11. Somebody's Gonna Love You