New Releases For February 12, 2016

Matt Patershuk
I Was So Fond Of You

Matt Patershuk - I Was So Fond Of You

I Was So Fond Of You is Matt’s second record, and like his debut, the Western Canadian Music Awards nominated Outside The Lights Of Town, Patershuk tapped Juno award winning producer Steve Dawson to guide it to completion.

Matt Patershuk’s unaffected singing belongs to a different time and reflects a reserve and unspoken toughness that is rarely heard today. The songs on I Was So Fond Of You are peppered with the kind of humanity that you can hear in Willie Nelson’s best work and reflect a subdued irony that wouldn’t be out of place in a John Prine tune.

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"Back Against The Wall"


  1. 1. Back Against The Wall
  2. 2. Prettiest Ones
  3. 3. Smoke A Little Cigarette
  4. 4. Harviestown
  5. 5. I Was So Fond Of You
  6. 6. Burnin’ The Candle At Both Ends
  7. 7. Little Guitar
  8. 8. Pep The Cat Murdering Dog
  9. 9. Closer
  10. 10. Mean Coyotes
  11. 11. Tennessee Walker

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