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Matt Herskowitz
Mirror Image

Matt Herskowitz - Mirror Image

Of his latest solo piano release Mirror Image, Matt Herskowitz says, “I feel that this album finally brings together ‘my’ classical and jazz sides, both old and new, in a very organic way. Whether it’s through pieces such as “Tribute To John Coates,” the Ravel Concerto or Satie’s “Gnossienne No. 1,” it’s all one cohesive sound, one style coming from two worlds that seem opposed but are not; classical and jazz have cross-pollinated since the early 20th century, and their musical histories have reflected that mutual inspiration ever since.”

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"Gnossienne: No. 1 / Moment Musical No. 3 In F-Minor"


  1. 1. Tribute To John Coates
  2. 2. Gnossienne: No. 1 / Moment Musical No. 3 In F-Minor
  3. 3. Song For Katya
  4. 4. Ballade
  5. 5. Piano Concerto In G: Adagio Assai
  6. 6. Mirror Image
  7. 7. Rêve Cinématique
  8. 8. The Last Hope
  9. 9. Last Impressions
  10. 10. My One And Only Love