New Releases For October 16, 2020

Matt Berninger
Serpentine Prison

Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison

After a series of stand-alone singles and a release under the moniker EL VY (with Brent Knopf of Menomena), Serpentine Prison is the first solo record from Grammy-Award winning artist Matt Berninger of The National. Recorded with and produced by the legendary Booker T. Jones, it's a collection of deeply personal songs dripped in Booker's signature Memphis sound perfectly blended with Berninger's unmistakable baritone.

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"One More Second"


  1. 1. My Eyes Are T-Shirts
  2. 2. Distant Axis
  3. 3. One More Second
  4. 4. Loved So Little
  5. 5. Silver Springs
  6. 6. Oh Dearie
  7. 7. Take Me Out Of Town
  8. 8. Collar Of Your Shirt
  9. 9. All For Nothing
  10. 10. Serpentine Prison