New Releases For June 2, 2015

Remain Dystopian

Maruta - Remain Dystopian

Miami deathgrind maniacs Maruta return to the fold with their Relapse debut, Remain Dystopian, their most punishing and focused album to date. Recorded in various studios including drums with Pig Destroyer's Scott Hull and vocals with Torche's Jonathan Nuñez, Remain Dystopian is a vicious, 17 song blast of relentless and infectious death metal infused grindcore. Featuring guest vocals from the legendary Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates, Disfear) and Pig Destroyer's J.R. Hayes plus layers of noise from Agoraphobic Nosebleed's Jay Randall, Remain Dystopian raises the bar for what 21st century grind can accomplish.

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"Stand In Defeat"


  1. 1. Genocide Interval
  2. 2. Hope Smasher
  3. 3. The Void Within
  4. 4. Minimal Progress
  5. 5. Protocol For Self Immolation
  6. 6. Absolutist
  7. 7. Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth
  8. 8. Submergence aka Barren Oceans Of Infinity
  9. 9. Erode
  10. 10. Stand In Defeat
  11. 11. Remnants Of Failed Utopia
  12. 12. I, Usurper
  13. 13. Durandal
  14. 14. Psalm For The Withered
  15. 15. Return To Zero
  16. 16. Slaying Jehova
  17. 17. Immune