New Releases For April 6, 2010

Marty Raybon
At His Best

Marty Raybon - At His Best

Marty is well known as a GRAMMY award winner and the lead singer of the award winning country music group Shenandoah. This new album was co-produced by Marty and Paul Carrol Binkley. Marty has had multiple Top 10 singles with strong support in the southeast and Middle America. This release has deluxe packaging and artwork.

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"Daddy Phone"


  1. 1. I Just Want to Touch You
  2. 2. That's The Only Way
  3. 3. Daddy Phone
  4. 4. The Heat Is On
  5. 5. Big Pain
  6. 6. The Change
  7. 7. A World Without You
  8. 8. Still My Little Man (Matty's Song)
  9. 9. I Don't Want to Lose You, Anna
  10. 10. I Am Coming Home
  11. 11. You Get Me

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