New Releases For April 17, 2012

Marina Zettl
Thin Ice

Marina Zettl - Thin Ice

Forget about being reasonable, and switch off your head, just do it, off onto thin ice. Thin Ice is also the name of the new album by the Viennese singer Marina Zettl and the guitarist Thomas Mauerhofer. They are coming from a jazz background but are not stuck in it. Long live the between.

Thin Ice is a live album recorded in a studio. No, this is not a contradiction. There is more power to music when played live, full of energy, and this is exactly what this album is all about! 'The famous first takes with rough edges' says Marina Zettl.

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"Is It Fine"


  1. 1. Is It Fine
  2. 2. Radio Girl
  3. 3. Timeless
  4. 4. Intro To Can't Take It Anymore
  5. 5. Can't Take It Anymore
  6. 6. Little Miss Wise Guy
  7. 7. Hug In A Cup
  8. 8. You Know
  9. 9. They Can Talk Away
  10. 10. Vor Deiner Tuer
  11. 11. Nightscope
  12. 12. Intro To Verstand
  13. 13. Verstand
  14. 14. Thin Ice