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Marcus Scott
Back 2 Da Soul

Marcus Scott - Back 2 Da Soul

Currently touring over 200 dates a year worldwide as the lead vocalist for the legendary soul band Tower Of Power, Marcus Scott steps out on his own with his solo debut, Back 2 Da Soul. Electrifying. Soulful. Compelling. These three words exemplify the sound of Marcus Scott. Born and raised in a city that is well known for world class soul music, he is the real deal. As a young boy, Marcus would sit with his ears glued to the radio, mimicking every sound he heard. This fascination evolved into an insatiable desire to entertain and capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.

TAGS: Funk | R&B | Soul

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"Just Fine"


  1. 1. Back 2 Da Soul
  2. 2. What They Say
  3. 3. Livin’ It
  4. 4. Trying To Live My Life Without You
  5. 5. Ya Worth It
  6. 6. Daddy’s Lesson
  7. 7. Gettin’ Funky 'Round Here
  8. 8. Just Fine
  9. 9. Real Me
  10. 10. Gone
  11. 11. Let’s Give Love

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