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Mandy Barnett
Strange Conversation

Mandy Barnett - Strange Conversation

Produced by Marco Giovino and Doug Lancio for Thirty Tigers and Barnett’s own label Dame Productions, Strange Conversation places the ebony-haired vocalist between obscure vintage pop and modern progressive songwriting. Think Lee Hazlewood and the Tams meet Tom Waits and Greg Garing with a little Mable John thrown in. If it sounds too good to be true, Hazlewood’s “The Fool,” the Tams’ “It’s All Right (You’re Just In Love),” Waits’ “Puttin’ On The Dog,” and Garing’s “Dream Too Real To Hold,” are all part of the conversation, a musky brew of desire, rapture, and discovery.

TAGS: Americana | Blues

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"Strange Conversation"


  1. 1. More Lovin'
  2. 2. It's All Right (You're Just In Love)
  3. 3. Dream Too Real To Hold
  4. 4. Strange Conversation
  5. 5. A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done
  6. 6. Puttin' On The Dog
  7. 7. All Night
  8. 8. My World Keeps Slipping Away
  9. 9. The Fool
  10. 10. Put A Chain On It