New Releases For June 4, 2013

Mando Saenz

Mando Saenz - Studebaker

Mando Saenz has made a career out of watching people, haunting places, and asking questions. His third album Studebaker combines the acoustic pensiveness of Saenz's 2005 debut Watertown and the full-bodied bravado of his 2008 follow-up Bucket. His tenor, which has always been arresting, has assumed a full, rich timbre that can still deliver lines delicately, but can also howl like a freight train, all in the service of Saenz's self-deprecating wit, careful observation, and empathetic ability to make heroes out of outcasts.

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"Pocket Change"


  1. 1. Break Away Speed
  2. 2. Battle Scar
  3. 3. They Don't Make 'Em Like You
  4. 4. Pocket Change
  5. 5. Nobody
  6. 6. The Road I'm On
  7. 7. Hard Time Tennessee
  8. 8. Sweet Marie
  9. 9. Tall Grass
  10. 10. Colorado
  11. 11. Bottle Into Gold