New Releases For November 11, 2013

Man Must Die
Peace Was Never An Option

Man Must Die - Peace Was Never An Option

The Scottish band is known for having rigorous titles for their records that express the essence of the releases and the underlying attitude in short. Following ...Start Killing (2004) and the two Relapse Records releases The Human Condition (2007) and No Tolerance For Imperfection (2009), Man Must Die's fourth effort and Lifeforce debut is entitled Peace Was Never An Option. This is both warning and promise.

Scene icon Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soulfly) is featured on the track 'Abuser Friendly.'

TAGS: Grindcore | Metal

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"On The Verge Of Collapse"


  1. 1. Congregation
  2. 2. Hiding In Plain Sight
  3. 3. Patriot
  4. 4. The Hell I Fear
  5. 5. Sectarian
  6. 6. Dissolution
  7. 7. Absence Makes The Hate Grow Stronger
  8. 8. The Price You Pay
  9. 9. Antisocial Network
  10. 10. Abuser Friendly
  11. 11. On The Verge Of Collapse
  12. 12. The Day I Died

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 26
    Andernach, Germany Death Feast Open Air 2021
  • Aug 18
    Spital Am Semmering, Austria Kaltenbach Open Air 2022
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