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Man Man
On Oni Pond

Man Man - On Oni Pond

On Oni Pond, recorded with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit) hones trademark Man Man anarchy into a compelling mash-up of Fear Of Music era Talking Heads, classic soul, psychedelia, hip hop, and 50's rock and roll.

With its imaginative yet economical rhythms, huge hooks, and overriding sense of urgency, On Oni Pond melds these seemingly disparate influences into an unexpectedly lush, melodic album, exquisitely consolidated by the band's unique and affecting vision.

Featuring the surprise radio hit of the summer, 'Head On,' better known as 'that Hold On To Your Heart song.'

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"Head On"


  1. 1. Oni Swan
  2. 2. Pink Wonton
  3. 3. End Boss
  4. 4. Head On
  5. 5. King Shiv
  6. 6. Loot My Body
  7. 7. Deep Cover
  8. 8. Pyramids
  9. 9. Sparks
  10. 10. Paul's Grotesque
  11. 11. Fangs
  12. 12. Curtains
  13. 13. Born Tight