New Releases For November 6, 2015

Mammoth Storm

Mammoth Storm - Fornjot

In 2003, the Swedish gothic/doom-sextet Draconian found its home at Napalm Records. Over a decade later, and in natural progression, Napalm has also secured a home for the juvenile new band and brain-child of Draconian guitarist Daniel Arvidsson, Mammoth Storm. Living up to the name, Arvidsson takes on bass and vocal responsibilities here with even more oppressive and bleak sounding doom and droning. Following up the band's self-released debut EP, Rite Of Ascension (2014), Fornjot, the band’s full length debut, draws its name from the ancient Norse mythology: Fornjot, a giant and ruler of Finland, Kvenland and Gotland.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Vultures Prey"


  1. 1. Augurs Echo
  2. 2. Vultures Prey
  3. 3. Sumerian Cry
  4. 4. Fornjot
  5. 5. Horns Of Jura
  6. 6. Hekla
  7. 7. Ancient Apocalypse