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Mammoth Mammoth
Volume IV - Hammered Again

Mammoth Mammoth - Volume IV - Hammered Again

A naked, pot-smoking beauty on the cover and song titles like “Hammered Again” or “High As A Kite” – Mammoth Mammoth definitely won`t turn a good party down. The scruffy Australians deliver the soundtrack mixing dirty hard rock with a healthy dose of stoner: Vol. IV – Hammered Again comes roaring down the highway with lotsa fuzz, raw production and pure force! That's why this four piece is called Mammoth Mammoth – one mammoth ain’t enough for this massive orgy.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Fuel Injected"


  1. 1. Life’s A Bitch
  2. 2. Lookin´ Down The Barrel
  3. 3. Electric Sunshine
  4. 4. Fuel Injected
  5. 5. Black Dog
  6. 6. Promised Land
  7. 7. Reign Supreme
  8. 8. Sick (Of Being Sick)
  9. 9. Hammered Again
  10. 10. High As A Kite