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Malawi Mouse Boys
Forever Is 4 You

Malawi Mouse Boys - Forever Is 4 You

Forever Is 4 You is the newest release from Malawi Mouse Boys, who take their name from the job the boys had - selling mice on sticks, as snacks or meals to passing travelers, which is what they were doing when Ian Brennan discovered them in 2011. Their previous releases have garnered rave reviews around the world, and their third album finally marks the first official release in North America. “Their voices are really the core,” according to Brennan. “They have such a unity that I think it’s very similar to the Carter Family or the Jackson 5, where it’s familial.”

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"Chisomo (Grace)"


  1. 1. Chisomo (Grace)
  2. 2. Ndiyenda Nkuunika (I Walk In The Light)
  3. 3. Ndatopa Nawe (I’m Tired Of You)
  4. 4. Kulira Kwambewa (The Crying Of The Mouse)
  5. 5. Yesu Ndinkhulupirira (I Believe Jesus)
  6. 6. Mabvu (The Wasp)
  7. 7. Zikutamanda (It Is)
  8. 8. Yasowa Mzeru (That’s Not Wise)
  9. 9. Ian, A Blessing…
  10. 10. Mau A Mulungu (The Ways Of God)
  11. 11. Ndili Ndi Nyumba (I’ve Got A Home)
  12. 12. Ndikukondani (I Love You)
  13. 13. Kuthokoza (Thankful)
  14. 14. Umasiye Wanga (My Loneliness)
  15. 15. Ambuye Konzeni (He Made Me)