New Releases For January 29, 2021

God Needs Evil

Malamorte - God Needs Evil

Italian New Wave of True Heavy Metal leaders Malamorte return with their masterful 5th album God Needs Evil, featuring the killer tracks, "The Demons That Devour Your Soul," "God Needs Evil," and "After The Apocalypse.” Malamorte has released four prior albums, The Fall Of Babylon (2014), Devilish Illusions (2016), Satan Goes To Heaven To Destroy The Kingdom Of God (2017), and the critically acclaimed Hell For All (2019). RIYL King Diamond, Judas Priest, Death SS, Iron Maiden, Attic, Ghost, and Black Sabbath.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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"After The Apocalypse"


  1. 1. The Demons That Devour Your Soul
  2. 2. The Sinner
  3. 3. Psycho Priest
  4. 4. After The Apocalypse
  5. 5. They Shall See The Truth
  6. 6. A Daemon Dressed By Angel
  7. 7. Morbid Temptation
  8. 8. Suicide Forest (Jukai)
  9. 9. God Needs Evil