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Magnolia Memoir
The Perfect Crime

Magnolia Memoir - The Perfect Crime

On their debut album The Perfect Crime, Magnolia Memoir lays into a groove that would be equally at home in the beat era club scene of 1950's San Francisco, the dark-night-of-the-soul Berlin cabaret of the 1920's, and the post millennial tribal gathering of Burning Man. It is, quite simply, a new dimension in alternative pop.

Magnolia Memoir is fronted by songwriter-vocalist Mela Lee, whose stunning style and five-octave range will put you in mind of a whole lot of the greats but in the end sound like no one but herself. Her partner in the perfect crime is multi-instrumentalist Alexander Burke, whose resume includes a stint as musical director for Chicago's Second City comedy troupe, and an appearance on Margaret Cho's Grammy-nominated Cho Dependent alongside the likes of Fiona Apple and Grant Lee Phillips.

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"I Keep Falling"


  1. 1. Good Girl
  2. 2. The Perfect Crime
  3. 3. Anymore
  4. 4. Broken Cup-Revolution Remix
  5. 5. I Keep Falling
  6. 6. Just Might Do
  7. 7. 222
  8. 8. No More Wishes
  9. 9. My Doorbell
  10. 10. Let It Go
  11. 11. The Perfect Crime (Acoustic Version With Matthew Santos)
  12. 12. Where You Are