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Madi Diaz
History Of A Feeling

Madi Diaz - History Of A Feeling

On the single, "New Person, Old Place," established songwriter Madi Diaz comes to terms with the impermanence of life. This stunning indie-folk track produced by Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Bon Iver) puts Madi’s raw voice front and center across a bittersweet melody. Diaz shares about the intimate track, “The moment you start to learn how to do it not better not worse but just different… and then something shifts. Something in the heart finally knocks loose and you find yourself breathing deeper.”

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"New Person, Old Place"


  1. 1. Rage
  2. 2. Man In Me
  3. 3. Crying In Public
  4. 4. Resentment
  5. 5. Think Of Me
  6. 6. Woman In My Heart
  7. 7. Nervous
  8. 8. Forever
  9. 9. History Of A Feeling
  10. 10. New Person, Old Place
  11. 11. Do It Now

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