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Mackenzie Nicole
The Edge

Mackenzie Nicole - The Edge

Equally inspired by Rihanna, Halsey and Johnny Cash, Mackenzie Nicole is ready to unveil her debut album, The Edge, co-written and produced by L.A. duo The Jam and poised to take the historically hip hop Strange Music label to new heights from their already lofty position. Paving the way with “Preview,” it’s clear the album will be wrought with emotion from the very heart of its voice. Playing it safe isn’t what The Edge is all about. As Mackenzie Nicole states in the album’s title track, “Sometimes you need to walk to the edge and just let it take over…”

TAGS: Club/Dance | Pop

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  1. 1. One More
  2. 2. Work Me Out
  3. 3. Back To You
  4. 4. Anxious
  5. 5. Fix Me
  6. 6. That Bad
  7. 7. Not You
  8. 8. Preview
  9. 9. Only With You
  10. 10. Thank You
  11. 11. Darkside
  12. 12. The Edge
  13. 13. One More - With Tech N9ne (Bonus Track)