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Lyrics Born
As U Were

Lyrics Born - As U Were

Lyrics Born has gone about the creation of his latest effort, As U Were, in a less than conventional manner. One defining characteristic of his sound thus far is that it is unequivocally fun, and this remains true of As U Were.

LB can also peel back the exterior and reveal an everyman who has experienced the fun, and not so fun. He voices these sentiments prominently on the lead single 'Lies X 3,' a driving, heartfelt plead for truth. While touching on newer subjects, he also reached out to artists that he felt removed himself from his comfort zone, including Trackademicks, Francis and The Lights, and Sam Sparro. The Bay-swagger is in full effect on 'Funky Hit Records', and while the new guests add a new dimension to the sound, Tom Shimura isn't one to lose sight of his roots. Gift Of Gab drops a requisite, thought-provoking verse on the critical 'Pills' and the classic Latyrx tag-team makes it look way too easy on 'Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart,' one of the album's standout cuts.

As U Were may well be LB's greatest achievement, but it's been a long time coming.


  1. 1. Kontrol Phreak
  2. 2. I Wanna B W/U (Feat. Lateef)
  3. 3. We Live By The Beat
  4. 4. Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Feat. Sam Sparro)
  5. 5. As U Were Reception (Skit)
  6. 6. I've Lost Myself (Feat. Joyo Velarde)
  7. 7. Lies X 3
  8. 8. Born-E-Oh's! (Skit)
  9. 9. Pushed Aside/Pulled Apart (Feat. Lateef)
  10. 10. Oh, Baby!
  11. 11. I'm The Best (Funky Fresh In The Flesh)
  12. 12. Block Bots (Feat. Trackademicks and Clyde Carson)
  13. 13. Pillz 'Lude (skit)
  14. 14. Pillz (Feat. The Gift of Gab of Blackalicious)
  15. 15. Something Better (Feat. Francis And The Lights)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 11
    New Orleans, LA, US Lyrics Born at One Eyed Jacks
  • Oct 22
    San Francisco, CA, US Lyrics Born at The Independent
  • Dec 17
    Santa Cruz, CA, US Lyrics Born with Alwa Gordon at Moe's Alley
  • Apr 21
    Seattle, WA, US Lyrics Born with Marshall Law Band and DJ INDICA JONES at Nectar Lounge
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