New Releases For January 25, 2011

Lynn Miles
Fall For Beauty

Lynn Miles - Fall For Beauty

'... in any one year only a handful of albums truly deserve the maximum accolade of five stars. If everything were fair in this flawed human existence, Fall For Beauty would (at least) be a six.' - Maverick Magazine

Lynn Miles is one of North America's most accomplished singer/songwriters. With seven albums to her credit, the winner of multiple Folk Music Awards, and a 2003 Juno Award, she has certainly found her strength over time. Fall For Beauty, Lynn's eighth album, has already been proving to critics to be her best album to date.

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"Something Beautiful"


  1. 1. Something Beautiful
  2. 2. Fearless Heart
  3. 3. I Will
  4. 4. Three Chords And The Truth
  5. 5. Cracked And Broken
  6. 6. Little Bird
  7. 7. Love Doesn't Hurt
  8. 8. Save Me
  9. 9. Goodbye
  10. 10. Time To Let The Sun