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Lydia Ainsworth
Phantom Forest

Lydia Ainsworth - Phantom Forest

On Phantom Forest, Lydia Ainsworth introduces a lush, complex dream world that she created and inhabits largely on her own. It’s a beautiful, vast collection of art pop with hooks about the search for personal connections in the midst of apocalypse and technology.

“Ainsworth’s music career has been marked by boldly trend-defying, pageantic pop music, and “Can You Find Her Place” is one of her catchiest compositions yet.” - The Fader

“Not unlike art-pop predecessors like Kate Bush or Bat For Lashes, listening to Ainsworth helps one connect to their subconscious, and to the world we live in.” - Paper Magazine

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"Can You Find Her Place"


  1. 1. Diamonds Cutting Diamonds
  2. 2. Tell Me I Exist
  3. 3. Can You Find Her Place
  4. 4. Edge Of The Throne
  5. 5. Kiss The Future
  6. 6. The Time
  7. 7. Give It Back To You
  8. 8. Floating Dream
  9. 9. Green Is The Colour