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Lula Wiles
Shame And Sedition

Lula Wiles - Shame And Sedition

Conceived amidst profound change and calls for revolution, Shame And Sedition is the sound of Lula Wiles amplifying the present moment. Each song grew from personal revelations or yearning for collective reckoning, materializing into proclamations against oligarchs, toxic relationships, media narratives, and the callousness capitalism demands. Sung in their recognizable harmony, within a landscape of expansive guitars and intimate acoustic textures, the album sees Lula Wiles’ sound deepening to give honest form to their trenchant lyrics. Shame And Sedition captures Lula Wiles at a pivotal juncture, as they critically examine today’s nuanced struggles and reconsider how our lives are lived.

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  1. 1. In Dreams
  2. 2. Oh My God
  3. 3. The Way That It Is
  4. 4. Everybody (Connected)
  5. 5. Wake Up
  6. 6. Television
  7. 7. Cold Water
  8. 8. Mary Anne
  9. 9. Call Me Up
  10. 10. Do You Really Want The World To End