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Luka Bloom
Dreams In America

Luka Bloom - Dreams In America

On Dreams In America, revered Irish singer/songwriter Luka Bloom looks back on his career in an interesting way - he devotes the album to creating vibrant new versions of songs of some of his most notable songs, re-interpreting them to suit the modern day Luka Bloom and the way he now hears them.

The result is a refreshing 15-track storytelling opus that highlights two Bloom strengths: his affecting vocals and the immediately identifiable guitar style he's made his own since the late 1970's.

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"The Acoustic Motorbike"


  1. 1. Dreams In America
  2. 2. Bridge Of Sorrow
  3. 3. Love Is A Place I Dream Of
  4. 4. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself
  5. 5. Blackberry Time
  6. 6. Lord Franklin
  7. 7. See You Soon
  8. 8. Ciara
  9. 9. The Acoustic Motorbike
  10. 10. Cold Comfort
  11. 11. Be Still Now
  12. 12. Black Is The Colour
  13. 13. I Hear Her, Like Lorelei (Live)
  14. 14. Love Is A Monsoon (Live)
  15. 15. Sunny Sailor Boy (Live)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 04
    Rotterdam, Netherlands Luka Bloom at Arminius Kerk
  • Nov 06
    Groningen, Netherlands Luka Bloom at Nieuwe kerk
  • Nov 07
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Luka Bloom at De Duif
  • Nov 12
    Turnhout, Belgium Luka Bloom at De Warande
  • Nov 13
    Nijmegen, Netherlands Luka Bloom at Stevenskerk
  • Nov 14
    Maastricht, Netherlands Luka Bloom at Muziekgieterij
  • Nov 20
    Enschede, Netherlands Luka Bloom at Grote Kerk
  • Nov 26
    Breda, Netherlands Luka Bloom at Mezz Breda
  • Apr 22
    London, UK Luka Bloom at Nell's
  • Dec 09
    Eindhoven, Netherlands Luka Bloom at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
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