New Releases For September 30, 2014

Louis Sclavis Quartet
Silk And Salt Melodies

Louis Sclavis Quartet - Silk And Salt Melodies

Leading French clarinetist-composer-improviser Louis Sclavis continues his musical adventures with Gilles Coronado and Benjamin Moussay, who contributed creatively to his Atlas Trio album Sources in 2011.

The addition of Iranian classical percussionist Kevyan Chemirani, master of the zarb, has brought a new dimension to their world of sound.


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"Le Parfum De L'*eacute*xil"


  1. 1. Le Parfum De L'*eacute*xil
  2. 2. L'homme Sud
  3. 3. L'autre Rive
  4. 4. Sel Et Soie
  5. 5. Dance For Horses
  6. 6. Des Feux Lointains
  7. 7. Cort*egrave*ge
  8. 8. Dust And Dogs
  9. 9. Prato Plage