New Releases For January 13, 2017

Louden Swain
No Time Like The Present

Louden Swain - No Time Like The Present

Meet Louden Swain - indie rock’s best-kept secret. While some folks think of Louden Swain as the lead character in 1985’s Vision Quest, others know the name as power-pop superheroes who have been the masses for 15 years. The band has not only been a staple on the Los Angeles music scene, but has rocked crowds in New York, Chicago, Berlin, and London. With Robert Benedict’s recurring roles in television shows including Felicity, Masters Of Sex, and Supernatural, the group has built outside of its core audience, and into newer and larger realms. But, one thing is constant: the music.

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  1. 1. Present Time
  2. 2. Change The Locks
  3. 3. Amazing
  4. 4. Taxi Driver
  5. 5. Over Before It Began
  6. 6. Leg Up
  7. 7. Roll Me Over
  8. 8. Fair
  9. 9. This Is How
  10. 10. Night Light
  11. 11. Juliet
  12. 12. Numb