New Releases For January 25, 2011

Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna - Lorraine

Lori McKenna's first name is actually Lorraine. She was named after the mother she lost when she was only seven, but whose impact on Lori's life reverberates to this day. In her sixth album, Lorraine, she considers the influence of her mother, who died at roughly the same age Lori is now, as well as her own place in relationship to her husband, family and community. It is her most personal album to date and a return to her original acoustic sound. With the release of Lorraine, McKenna returns to her roots, producing an album of deeply personal songs with universal appeal.

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"American Revolver"


  1. 1. The Luxury Of Knowing
  2. 2. The Most
  3. 3. If He Tried
  4. 4. Lorraine
  5. 5. You Get A Love Song
  6. 6. Rocket Science
  7. 7. Buy This Town
  8. 8. All I Ever Do
  9. 9. That's How You Know
  10. 10. Sweet Disposition
  11. 11. American Revolver
  12. 12. Ladders & Parachutes
  13. 13. Still Down Here

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