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Lori Cullen
Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs

Lori Cullen - Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs

Longtime friends and respected musicians Lori Cullen, Kurt Swinghammer and Ron Sexsmith come together and collaborate on a new recording - Sexsmith Swinghammer Songs. Ron, who has been a huge fan of Lori’s for years, suggested to Kurt that they co–write an album of material specifically for Lori to sing. The inspired results are sure to draw attention, as always, to her remarkable voice. Identified by jazz giant Kurt Elling as one of his favorite new vocalists, Lori Cullen’s album is a fresh expression of jazz–infused chamber–pop.

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"Then There Were Three"


  1. 1. The Face Of Emily
  2. 2. Miracle Home
  3. 3. Strange Is This Life
  4. 4. New Love
  5. 5. Something Right
  6. 6. This Morning
  7. 7. Beginner’s Luck
  8. 8. Off Somewhere (Duet With Ron Sexsmith)
  9. 9. Then There Were Three
  10. 10. Some Part Of Me
  11. 11. Don’t Go Yet
  12. 12. True